Thursday, July 15, 2010

Welcome to my first post.

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As I mentioned in my profile section, this blog was created to provide news, reviews & information exclusively on Tablet PCs which I believe could be the next must have tech toy. As Apple's iPad has demonstrated, there is a use & demand for it whether we realize it or not. With many vendors launching tablets in 4Q 2010 & 2011, our job is to give you the latest news and reviews when available.  While other blogs cover technology in general or even personal computers (which can be pretty broad), we focus on pure tablet computers meaning no netbooks or notebooks that have a touch screen. eReaders are also excluded although it depends as most tablets will double as an eReader. At this point in time, I am considering the iPad as the benchmark which other tablets will be compared to. We may not be able to review every tablet PC but will provide links to other sites that have reviewed them. Manufacturers are, almost on a daily basis, releasing that they are going to release a tablet in the near future but no specifics. We will try our best to get you the details. So check back often for the latest news on what's coming next.
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