Tuesday, August 31, 2010

UPDATE: Enso ZenPad 4 Tablet Review

We apologize as we posted the review without noting our grade on the device.  Several attempts to update the review with the grade failed so we are posting the grade here:

2.8 Stars out of 5

See full detailed review here.

We did not know the ROM version in the detailed review but here are the specifics:

Version 0803 aka p7901a-eng2.1-update 1 ERE27 eng.root.20100803.140926

Kernel Version

root@android #1668

There appears to be some confusion as to the actual ROM version.  Check this link and you will see that apparently 0803 is really 0804. It appears that the date got screwed up as the "20100803" reflects Aug 3, 2010. In any case, this appears to be the latest ROM except for 0809 which I do not see that Enso's website has mentioned.

However based on a comment that a member noted on that forum, Kernel #1668 appears to be 0809. I have this kernel but my ROM shows 0803 not 0809.

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  1. I order a zenPad and was promised it would be shipped. I waited in good faith. Well, I never got it, and now Enso won't even return my email. This company is a bunch of crooks. No one should every buy from them and everyone one should be warned.