Thursday, September 9, 2010

Enso No Longer Selling ZenPad 4 to Consumers

Enso has noted on their blog that they "will switch soon business model and sell no more on the retail market, for doing that [they] need investments, which at the moment [they] cannot find."  What??  Instead of selling to individual consumers, they will only be selling to... other resellers.  Sure you can still buy their products but only in lots of a minimum of 25 units.  So you have a reseller now reselling a rebrand Zenithink tablet to other resellers.  Now anyone can resell these tablets and come up with a clever name - AndyPad. 

You can read what they have to say on their blog but what happened here, in our opinion, is that they were reselling the Zenithink tablet (probably bought several hundred units) and renamed it the ZenPad 4.  They did not even bother to change the packaging as it clearly states "ePad."  As most may know, many received defective units - defected in one way or another.  We are sure they did not bother to even check these units to ensure that they work.  (TabletConnect was one of the lucky ones that actually received a working unit.)  Once enough people complained, they started to address refunds.  This is not even including orders that were placed and never received on the ZenPad 4 and their other products.  Now, Enso was on the hook for refunding money and possibly getting the returns of these defective items.  Not to mention, PayPal pulling out did not help them either.  Of course, this all cost money.  Thinking that selling these tablets would be easy money, Enso basically started suffering losses. 
   I agree that changing their business model may "solve all previous delays in shipments, logistic problems, and everything will run more smoothly."  Not sure about running smoothly.  But Enso took it on their chin and now are paying for it.  So poor quality control, lack of customer service, the A8 Cortex processor switcharoo plus their non-shipment of items did them in.  Of course, there are other reasons.  We are not sure if Enso will come back to the individual consumer market.  I believe most will not care after their experiences with them.  However we are confident once other higher quality tablets hit the market, Enso will be forgotten.

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