Sunday, October 31, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab Release Dates, Carriers & Pricing

With multiple carriers releasing the Samsung Galaxy Tab, I think it would be helpful to consumers to have a cheat sheet of who is offering what. See further below:

 Carrier, Price & Release Date:

  • Sprint: $400 with 2-year data plan, available November 14
  • Verizon: $600 outright (no data plan required), November 11
  • Best Buy: $500 outright (Wi-Fi only), no announced release date
  • T-Mobile: $400 with 2-year data plan, available November 10
  • US Cellular: TBD, no announced release date
If you are going to buy the Galaxy Tab, which carrier will you be choosing or will you go without a contract?


  1. I will absolutely go with Sprint or T mobile. I think they offer the best deal. The wifi only from Best Buy sounds good, but in my area of the US the wifi option is limited and I am constantly on the go - busy busy!

    Between T mobile and Sprint, I think that T mobile has the advantage. Think about it: T mobile has 3G + HSDPA 7.2 which is very fast(the tab won't be HSPDA+ capable). The HSDPA 7.2 is much faster than Sprint's regular 3G (the tab won't be 4G capable). Also, more people are on Sprint's 3G than on T mobile's, so getting a fast connection on peak time use with Sprint is not possible. It tends to be sluggish. Less people are on T mobile's, so that plus the HSDPA 7.2 is a win for me.
    In addition, Sprint will charge 59.99 for the 5G plan and T mobile will charge 39.99 for the same 5G plan. WOW! Except if you are a new customer it will be 49.99. But, hey 10 bucks a month for 2 years is a 240.00 savings over sprint and for a faster experience - I'll take it! Plus, T mobile will allow you to share your 3G connection with any enabled device for 14.99 extra a month - Sprint will be 29.99.

    Currently I have a Sprint account, and I LOVE my EVO! Sprint has a greater coverage area than T mobile, but for the Tab, I'll go with T mobile.

  2. Andrew, Thanks for your feedback.