Sunday, March 20, 2011

Archos To Launch Next Generation Tablet - Gen 9

TabletConnect had no idea what to expect to when it reviewed the Archos 70.  Previously, Archos had a reputation for building cheap quality Internet tablets.  However, the Archos 70 performed very well in our tests.  With its low cost, we rated it as the best value tablet (not counting the Nook Color which would need to be hacked to become a fully functional tablet).  Now, Archos has provided some information regarding the next generation of its "higher-end" tablets: Gen 9 tablets.

The Archos Gen 9 tablets will have a 1.6GHz dual core ARM processor & 3G connectivity.  In addition, the tablets will offer up to 250GB hard drives.  However, Archos will continue to push its entry-level Arnova brand.  This will be sold under both its own brand name and also as a white-label device for other companies to rebrand.  Nothing has been released officially on the release date but rumor is June 2011. And yes, it should run Honeycomb.


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