Monday, July 18, 2011

Archos Releases Pricing for Gen9 Tablets

Update:  I reached out to Archos to see why they are going with two different speeds depending on which storage one buys.  I was told by the Archos rep that he couldn't comment on that but did state "that nothing has been finalized yet."  In addition, both the 16GB and 250GB versions on both the 80 and 101 will sport the 1.5GHz... at the moment.  Hope Archos changes their mind.  They have a great opportunity to introduce a great product at a fair price.

Back on June 24th, we reported that Archos was finally launching its next generation line of Android tablets.  Initial pricing was set to start at $279 for the 80 model and $349 for the 101 model.  However, Archos has noted on their website that the 80 will start at $299.99 for the 8GB version.  16GB will cost $329.99 while the 250GB version will set you back $369.99.  One interesting thing that I noticed is that the 8GB version reflects the processor running at 1.0GHz while the 16GB and 250GB will sport 1.5GHz.  Not sure the reasoning for this but we will attempt to get  a response from Archos.

The 101 model will start at $369.99 for the 8GB version while the 16GB will set you back $399.99 and the 250GB will set you back $469.99.  With this model, Archos noted 1.0Ghz for the 8GB and 16GB version while the 250GB will have 1.5GHz.  If Archos does intend to sell the Gen9 tablets this way, the developer community should hopefully be able to root the device.  One can then overclock the device without the need to purchase the more expensive version.


  1. You 'reached out to'? Why not say 'asked', and avoid the ghastly management-speak? 2 out of 10 for good use of the language.

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