Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Motorola Xoom for $450 at Staples (through 7/9)

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Android's first Honeycomb tablet has dropped in price since its introduction about 3 months ago.  For a limited time, you can own a Motorola Xoom for only $450 at Staples.  You will need a special $50 coupon.  This coupon is only valid until 7/9/11 and only in stores.  We gave the Xoom a 4.22 stars (the highest score we have given a tablet) when we reviewed it back in April.  At that time, the retail price was $599 which we criticized as a high starting price.  At $450, it is more competitive priced.  Although we have not reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or any other Honeycomb-based tablet, the Xoom is a very good Android tablet.  If you always wanted a Xoom, here is your chance to get one at a great price.  However, do note that the FCC has approved a new Motorola Xoom - possibly the Xoom 2.  Not much is known at this time except the new tablet is slightly longer and has a LTE radio built-in.

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