Monday, August 29, 2011

Things to do with your new TouchPad; Part 2 - Recommended Apps

   Part 1 of our TouchPad series focused on some first things to do with your new TouchPad.  Part 2 focuses on Apps.  Since many new TouchPad buyers are new to webOS, finding great apps to install on your new TouchPad is important.  Although the selection for TouchPad apps is limited, about 70% of 8,000 webOS phone apps can be used on the tablet. Hopefully now that an estimated 500,000 TouchPads are in consumer's hands, these webOS developers can continue creating new webOS apps or at least upgrading the current ones available. TabletConnect has done the work to narrow down the good ones.  We have gone to various sites and webOS experts to get their recommendations on the best webOS apps for your new TouchPad.  Let's begin:

   Some of the apps are free while others are not.  Please support the developers so they can continue making apps for the TouchPad.  Remember HP is not abandoning webOS, they are abandoing the hardware.

  • Angry Birds HD (Free) - If you love Angry Birds, its available.  Angry Birds Rio is not free but only cost $1.99.
  • Facebook (Free) - The iPad does not have a dedicated Facebook app so this is a big plus for Facebook addicts. Its optimized for a large screen and works well.
  • Amazon Kindle (Free) - A must for every tablet, an eReader that is.  The Kindle is one of the most popular eReader apps so this is another plus.  Unfortunately, there is no Kindle Store integration so you cannot directly purchase books.  However, there is link to the Amazon Kindle site which would allow you to make purchases.
  • Spaz HD Beta (Free) - Twitter is the second most popular social networking app.  There is no Twitter app for the TouchPad; however, Spaz is a great alternative.  You can manage multiple Twitter accounts, view multiple columns, and use different URL shortcut services.  
  • TuneIn Radio (Free) - This is actually my favorite radio app.  I was glad to see that it is available for the TouchPad.  TuneIn allows you to get local news, sports and radio stations.  You can search for your favorite radio station in any city.  If you travel a lot, this is a great app to listen to your local radio stations.
  • Epicurious (Free) - If you love recipes, this is the app to have.  You can pretty much search anything.
  • Groupon (Free) - If you love Groupon, there is an app available for the TouchPad.  
  • WordPress (Free) - If you use WordPress to blog, you are in luck as there is a dedicated app. Makes it so much easier blogging from your tablet than a phone.
  • Pandora Radio (Free) - Another very popular app that is available. 
  • (Free) - Probably the most recommended app here. is a cloud-based storage site similar to DropBox. Unlike DropBox, new users get 50GB of free storage space.  Nice!  Here is info on how to map as a network drive on your computer.
  • Interface Lift HD (Free) - Like to switch wallpaper often?  If so, then Interface Lift is for you.  This app allows you to search compatible wallpaper for your TouchPad.  You have various search options which makes finding wallpaper a snap.
  • Robotek HD (Free) - This is a game where robots have taken over the world and you need to fight them.  Graphics look great although it is cartoonish.
  • ToodleTasks HD ($4.99) - The TouchPad does not come with a native task/to-do app.  ToodleTasks HD is a great and comprehensive task/to-do app.  You can filter, sort, search and also create subtasks.  You can also sync with Toodledo for greater access.
  • Camera for TouchPad ($0.99) - HP decided not to include a camera app even if only a front-facing camera is available.  Who knows why they decided not include a camera app but the camera is useless unless you use Skype.  However, this app allows you to take pictures with your TouchPad camera.  Its $0.99 so no reason not to get it.
  • Preware (Free) - This is a must have app as it allows you to download tweaks to make your TouchPad run more efficient.  In addition, you can also access other apps through Preware.  Part 1 of our article included instructions on downloading this app.
  • AccuWeather (Free) - A weather app is another popular must-have.  AccuWeather is one of the better ones. Lots of details and info.
  • TouchFeeds ($2.99) - If you have a lot of RSS feed subscriptions on your Google Reader, this app is one of the better ones. 
  • PodCatcher Deluxe ($2.00) - For those podcast lovers, this app allows you to easily handle podcast feeds.  You can stream or download.  Its simple but it works.  Also remembers where you left off.
  • Mosaic (Free) - Somewhat similar to Pulse in that you get a visual presentation for RSS feeds.  The app syncs with Google Reader and presents them in a grid.  Not ideal if you follow a large amount but great for those who follow several.
  • Gdail Pro (Free) - Allows an almost seamless integration with Google Voice.
  • USA Today (Free) - A highly rated news app.  Optimized for a tablet, this is the app for all your news.
  • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit ($9.99) - The most expensive app we listed but it is a game that utilizes the full potential of the TouchPad.  Excellent graphics.
  • Glimpse ($5.00) - Last but not least... This may be the second most expensive app we featured but it also a must have.  Because webOS is a true multitasking operating system, Glimpse is designed to take advantage of this.  This app allows you view up to 5 different apps at once using panes.  Each app runs independently using widgets so you can run multiple tasks with a single app. 

       Some other notable mentions: Glyder 2 HD ($2.99); White Pages, LinkedIn, & Engadget.

       There are just a select few as there are many good apps out there.  I was surprised to find many quality & brand name apps for the TouchPad.  Actually I found more apps for the TouchPad then I did for the PlayBook using RIM's app store when we reviewed it in May 2011.  Also you can find more apps through the Preware app.  I believe there are enough major apps available to make the TouchPad a good tablet.  Critics are complaining about lack of apps.  Yes, Apple and Google have significantly more but there are enough webOS apps where you will not be disappointed.  If you have any favorite apps, feel free to comment below. 


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