Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up: 9/2/11

Here is our weekly wrap up for the week ending 9/2/11:

  • Amazon wants to take a page from HP and sell their tablets at a loss so they can make $ from media they sell. This is good for consumers. (8/27/11)
  • For those who missed our special on first Things to do with your new HP . (8/28/11)
  • We are advising our followers not to register or follow  They had the nerve to ban me because I posted a link to my site.  They think they're too good.
  • TabletConnect's recommended HP apps.
  •  I really like the TouchPad & do not see the need for me to port Android when it becomes available... Unless Ice Cream Sandwich comes. (8/29/11)
  • Great news. RT HP Says It Will Continue Improving The TouchPad With Software Updates $HPQ by @ellishamburger (8/30/11)
  • HTC Jetstream $700 With contract through AT&T. Seriously? These companies have no clue and do not learn from others' mistakes. (8/31/11)
  • Not tablet-related but we wanted to note our opinion: Why taxes s/b raised for rich & corporations. EBay Received A $131-Million Tax Refund After Making Almost $1B In Profit. (8/31/11)
  • Best Buy lowers price on RIM PlayBook. Starting at $449 for 16gb. Still too much. (9/2/11)
  •  Amazon tablet coming in November.
That is it for this week.  Let us know if you have questions or comments on anything we posted.


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  2. @Decoracion cocinas Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. We did stop the weekly wrap ups so if you wish to continue seeing them, let me know.

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