Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up: 9/9/11

Here is our weekly wrap up for the week ending 9/9/11:

  • In case you missed this: Amazon tablet coming in November.
  •  Avoid which had the nerve to ban me because I posted a link to my site. They think they're too good.  Precentral & webOS have better forums.
  • Sony Tablet S to Launch 9/16; starting at $499.
  •  Digitimes: HP to produce 100,000-200,000 TouchPads to clear out supplier inventories
  •  The KT SpiderPad: It's What The Motorola Atrix And ASUS PadFone Should Have Been 
  •  CruzTablet Announcing the Next Generation of Cruz:
  •  For those who missed out. New TouchPads available in 6-8 weeks, fire sale pricing to remain in effect
  •  ARCHOS PRODUCT UPDATE: North America G9 prices and availability will be announced next week.
 That is it for now.


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