Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Apple to Launch iPad Mini in 2012?

   With better priced competition entering the tablet market, Apple is going on the offensive by launching an entry-level iPad early next year.  According to Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White, Apple is looking to launch an iPad in the mid to high $200 range.  Of course, this would be in addition to the iPad 3 which should launch in the second quarter of 2012.

   This would be a smart move for Apple as higher quality yet lower priced tablets enter the market.  Analyst are predicting that the Amazon Kindle Fire will give the iPad a tough fight although our belief is that they are not in the same class.  If Apple wants to maintain market share, it would need to lower the price of its iPad.  A $250 - $300 iPad may ensure that Apple remains on top.  We shall see.


  1. That would be a great ipad, cant wait for that.

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  2. Well this is really marvelous piece of information you have shared that Apple gonna launch iPad 3 in the second quarter of 2012. Lets see what they launch.

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  3. so what impact will it have on the Kindle Fire?

  4. @anonymous, it remains to be seen. The Kindle Fire has not gone on sale yet. Also, one needs to consider that if developers are able to install custom ROM on the device, it will create a bigger demand for the Kindle Fire.

    As for Apple, I believe it is a smart move. However, nothing has been officially released. If Apple waits too long before making any announcements, it will lose potential customers who will flock to Amazon.