Sunday, January 5, 2014

Acase TipTop Case for the iPad Air Review

With many cases out for the iPad, it is sometimes difficult to decide which cases are good.  There are also many types of cases: sleeves; folio covers; clutch; built-in keyboards; etc.  Plus there are different price ranges too.

Today, we are reviewing the Acase TipTop which is a hard shell folio case for the new iPad Air (5th generation).  This case was designed specifically for the new iPad Air which is thinner than previous generation iPads.  Therefore one must look for a case that specifically fits the new iPad Air.

The TipTop case has a plastic shell inside which protects the sides of the iPad.  The cover itself is a soft microfiber that protects the screens yet it is very sturdy to protect the screen from any “bumps”.  Overall the case is ultra slim (6mm thick) so no bulk is added to the iPad.  All the cut-outs match the iPad Air.  Similar to a smartcover, the TipTop case awakens the iPad when opened and puts it to sleep when closed.  The case closes with a magnetic lid so there is no strap or clip required.  

What is unique to this case is that you have 5 different viewing angles in landscape mode according to Acase.  However, we determined only 2 main viewing angles (as shown in the pictures & videos).  There ridges that allow you to change the angle in 3 other positions.  We assume this is where Acase noted 5 different viewing angles.  One thing is that you cannot lay the iPad flat if you open cover and fold it like a magazine.

The exterior is leather according to Acase but we are not really sure if it is in all honesty.  When the case is first taken out of its packaging, it has a strong chemical smell.  You definitely need to air out this case.  Also the” leather” side easily attracts oily fingers so make sure you wash your hands before using the case.

Overall, the case is not bad and the $30 price is OK (if it was real leather, price would be great).  The case is thin so if you do not want a bulking case, you should consider the TipTop case.  It is a great looking case that you can put in your briefcase or handbag.  On the other hand, you can’t expect this case to fully protect your iPad if you drop it on a concrete floor.  

Acase iPad Air Case / Cover [Tiptop Ultra] Slim Leather Case is available on Amazon.


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