Sunday, June 21, 2015

How to send & receive texts (SMS) from your Android tablet

As more individuals own both a smartphone and a tablet, you would want the devices to work together.  If you are like most people, you use your tablet (especially if its WiFi only) at home.  Instead of carrying around your phone and tablet, you can use your tablet primarily at home.  Or you have a situation where you are charging your phone but you do not want to miss your texts.  In the video below, I will show you how to setup your phone and tablet so that you can send and received text from your Android tablet using an excellent app called MightyText (available in the Google Play Store). 

However, MightyText does much more:
  • Allows you to also send and receive texts from your computer.  What is great is that all your devices are sync'd.
  • Sends you call notifications.
  • Send photos, videos & maps to your phone.
  • Schedule messages (Pro version)
  • Themes (Pro version)
  • Send bulk SMS (Pro version)
  • Templates (Pro version)
  • Much more


  1. oh sh***... It is so useful! How it is even possbile I didnt know about it yet? I have needed something like this so many times! Thans a lot for this tip and the clear instructions - I will instal it asap. Bests!

  2. It is useful, however I believe the SMS era is coming to the end as it many cases it is much more comfortable to chat via some particular app, not with SMS. Also some researches show that number of messages via SMS system is getting lower year after year.

    1. That is interesting to hear as I have not heard this. Could be true as more people start using specific apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.) to communicate with one another.

    2. Yes, I far as I know the main cause is increase of people using apps to communicate instead of SMS.

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  5. My opinion is that SMS will always be there somewhere as the primary way to provide a quick text message. Although it is true - as a colleague mentioned - they are already much more popular method of transferring information or are discussing virtual.