Monday, January 2, 2017

Photo Comparisons: Google Pixel vs Samsung Galaxy S7

Two current flagship phones battle it out for who has a better camera.  There are, of course, multiple articles online that talk about the differences and make comparisons.  I am not going to talk in detail about the differences.  My goal is to provide actual photo comparisons between the two phones under various scenes.

As a reminder, the Google Pixel has a 12.3 MP rear camera with a f/2.0 aperture while the S7 has a 12MP rear camera with a better f/1.7 aperture.  (Aperture basically means the diameter of the opening of the lens.  The smaller the aperture, the greater the "opening" or diameter of the lens.  The wider the opening, the more light comes in which produces better picture.  This is a very simplistic description.)

The following pictures are unedited but due to the nature of the web, they are compressed so the actual RAW picture will generate a different result.

First picture is a low light picture. Pixel:


The picture taken from the Pixel camera is brighter and does not have yellowish tint.

Second picture of my dog also in low light but here the S7 is brighter although still with a yellowish tint.  Pixel:


Third picture was taken in even lower light.  The S7 is the winner here.  Pixel:


Now we move to bright pictures taken outdoors.  Pixel:


You decide but I like the Pixel here as the color on the leaves (different shades of brown) are better represented than on the S7.

Here is one with a close up.  It may have been due to the focusing of the camera but the Pixel picture does appear sharper.  Pixel:


Here is another.  The green on the Pixel picture appear move lively than the S7.  Pixel:


Here is another where you decide which is better.  I see no major difference but I could be wrong.  Pixel:


One last low light picture.  Pixel:


The S7 picture looks sharper although, again, has a slight yellowish tint.

Overall, the Pixel camera is very good.  I personally think the S7 is better especially in low light.  One area where I did not do a comparison is the video portion of the camera.  The Pixel does record in 4K and has an excellent image stabilizer.  See my video of NYC at light.

What are your thoughts?


  1. How you think they look in comparison with new HTC?