Thursday, July 29, 2010

Microsoft hard at work to bring Windows 7 tablets

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CNET has reported that Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, has stated at an analyst meeting that "They'll [tablets] be shipping as soon as they are ready.  It is job one urgency. No one is sleeping at the switch."  Ballmer has admitted that Apple's iPad has sold more than what he would have liked.  However, Microsoft is apparently working hard with its partners on delivering a Windows 7 tablet in the future.

During the meeting, Ballmer has stated that one will have the ability to print from these devices.  Also, its apparent that Microsoft is showing support for Intel processors rather than ARM, which dominates the smartphone market.

Microsoft has a tough challenge ahead as Google's Android and HP's WebOs will be in the game.  Ballmer did make a comment against Android by basically stating that if Microsoft cannot compete against those devices, "Shame on us."  Sounds like a challenge.
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