Friday, July 30, 2010

RIM BlackPad to be released in November

As we reported yesterday that Research in Motion is going to name its tablet "Blackpad", today Bloomberg reports that RIM plan to introduce the tablet in November just in time for the important holiday season.

Further details are released, we initially reported a 7 inch screen but apparently the tablet will have a 9.7 inch screen which coincidentally or not is the same size as the iPad.  In addition, it will support Bluetooth which would allow the table to connect to the Internet through a Blackberry.  We find this an interesting concept as one should have one data plan (with a Blackberry) yet have 2 devices that connect to the Internet.  This could be a competitive advantage but at this point, we are not sure how cellular providers will try to limit this. Pricing appears to be in line with the iPad starting at $499.

RIM is hosting an event on August 3rd in New York to introduce their latest phone, Blackberry 9800.  Hopefully, RIM will provide further details about the BlackPad.

“With the success of the iPad, RIM faces an uphill battle,” said William Power, an analyst at Robert W. Baird & Co.  We agree as Blackberry has a smaller number of apps (6,000) compared to Apple's 225,000 and Android's 83,000 (according to Androlid, Android market watcher) and was not too successful introducing a touchscreen phone (remember the Storm?).  Nonetheless, RIM will focus on its strength - its popularity with corporate users and its great email capabilities.

We will keep you updated on any progress.

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