Monday, August 2, 2010

Tablet reseller, Flat Computing, gets deceived by manufacturer

Flat Computing LLC is a Texas-based "flat tablet system manufacturer" (although they really sell rebranded tablets from China).  Initially, they were selling their one product, Flatpad A10, as having an ARM Cortex A8 (which is one of the fastest mobile) processors.  Now it has been discovered that the manufacturer has provided false information and the Flatpad actually contains an older processor: ARMv6 CPU ZT-180 - 1GHz.

Jason Brashear, CTO of Flat Computing, has made this announcement:

"We did show that the FlatPad A10 had the ARM Cortex-A8 Processor – 1GHz+. This is incorrect. This was what we received from our manufacturer and we are taking action against them for this.
The FlatPad A10 has the ARMv6 CPU (Rev 5) ZT-180 - 1GHz+. We have updated our site and will be contacting customers that purchased this unit personally regarding the CPU change.
*Note this is not a fake Processor just a different processor made by ZiniThink labeled the ZT-180 you can see here:

We will continue to support this product and will continue software development on the firmware and ROM."

Many people, especially buyers, are in arms because they bought a product under false pretense.  We believe that Flat Computing did not intentionally deceived its customers.  They were deceived themselves.  We have not heard if they will offer any discount or refund to customers but will keep you posted of any developments.

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