Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cruz Reader: First Impressions

The Cruz Reader is one of the first "US-based" company to release an Android 2.0 tablet.  We will be doing a full review on the Cruz Tablet when it is released as the specs appear to make it a better tablet.  I did manage to play around with the Reader at a Borders store.  The overall quality and feel is good.  The Cruz Market is very poor.  There were probably 20 - 30 apps in that "store."  The resistive screen does seem more responsive than the Enso ZenPad 4 that we tested.  The accelerometer also appears to be responsive.  I had trouble getting the eReader app to work so I couldn't test the eReader with Borders store app.  The built-in browser was slow but couldn't tell if it was the WiFi connection.  Of course, this is not a detailed review but just the initial impression that I have.  We will post a detailed review on the Cruz Tablet once it is released.

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