Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flat Computing Disappoints Again with A10T

After the Flatpad problem (Cortex A8 that was falsely promoted although from the manufacturer) and initial failure to address the problem (reducing the price & giving refunds to those who already ordered), Flat Computing again disappoints with its newer A10T tablet, a Tegra 2 tablet with capacitive screen. The blame is again placed on the manufacturer. The excuse is hard to swallow. Seriously, the tablets were not in the shipping container???  Plus there are no capacitive screens???  We highly doubt that this will be resolved in "the next several days."  We would not recommend buying from this "reseller." With many sellers to buy from, why bother with one that has not delivered what they promise??   Press release below:

Update on A10T shipping dates. What we thought was our A10T's shipping from HK to the US in a "shared" container, was NOT our A10T's but another shipment. (We ship via container for orders of 500 or more.) Our Manufacturer has informed us that our units did not ship due to the lack of capacitance screens for our order. We hope this is resolved in the next several days. We will be expediting as many as we can via AIR freight as soon as possible. We were misinformed as well. I hope to have more information by tomorrow including why we were told our units shipped in that container. Sorry for the delay but we wanted to make sure we had all the facts straight, etc.

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