Saturday, November 6, 2010

Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet Quietly Goes on Sale

Ads in Best Buy & Sears for this Sunday show Velocity Micro's Cruz Tablet is available. Retail price is $299 although Sears has it listed for $269.99 (at least in the NJ market). The Cruz Tablet has better specs than the Cruz Reader which was released a couple of months ago.

Here are the differences:

  • Reader will have a ratio of 4x3 resistive screen while the Tablet will have 16:9 capacitive screen
  • Reader will have 800x600 resolution while the Tablet will have 800x480
  • Tablet has multi-touch while the Reader does not
  • Reader will have a docking station
  • Reader will have 802.11b/g wifi while the Tablet will have 802.11n for faster connectivity
  • Tablet will have 1GB of internal storage with an 8GB SD card to be included.  Reader will have 256MB internal storage and include a 2GB SD card.
  • Tablet will have 512MB of RAM while the Reader has 256MB of RAM.
 The processor has been the main mystery as Velocity Micro has kept this a secret for both the Reader and the Tablet.  However, we have unconfirmed report that it is running an Ingenic JZ4760 MIPS processor.  It is not an ARM based processor like the majority of the tablets coming to market.  We just got our hands on a data sheet for this processor and will be reading it in detail.  However some key points:

  • Operates at 600MHz
  • Dual core
  • H.264 decoding unit
We are not sure whether Android 2.2 can be implemented with this architecture.  So upgrading may not be possible.

We will be asking Velocity Micro for an update on this.  In addition, we are in the process of obtaining a Cruz Tablet to do a full review.

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    1. I have seen a couple of very negative reports on this tablet..Negative because it did not meet the technical criterea hope for by the writers..They do meet what is advertized..They do have a capative screen, long battery life and play good video,s..No they are not Froyo, and no they dont have flash.Dont shoot micro velocity until you give them a chance..its bheen on the market 10 days..Maybe they will give us some up dated software.. Maybe we will get Google market and flash..Don't you believe in Santa...You buy it from a brick and morter store. No phantom software or bloated advertising.If you dont like it return it..You didn't have to send it back to China..Life much easier if to try and find the good stuf...