Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lots of News at Google I/O Developer's Conference

Today was the first day at Google's 2011 I/O Developer's Conference.  At this event, Google makes major announcements on its development.  Since we couldn't be there, here is an excerpt from one of our counterparts at Computerworld that summaries today's events at Google's 2011 I/O Developer's Conference:

"Whew! Google just wrapped up the opening keynote session for day one of its I/O developers' conference -- and boy oh boy, is there a lot of Android news.

Here's a quick wrap of all the highlights.

Google I/O: The Android Numbers
It wouldn't be a modern mobile event without some proper bragging, and Google certainly seized the opportunity. According to Android Product Management Director Hugo Barra, more than 100 million Android devices have now been activated worldwide. Google is currently seeing more than 400,000 new activations every day -- up from 300,000 in December 2010; 200,000 in August 2010; and 100,000 in May 2010. That's some serious growth."

To read more of JR Raphael's great article on today's events, click here for the original article.


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