Sunday, May 1, 2011

Survey Results: Which size tablet would you prefer?

Our latest poll asked the tablet size preference of our readers.  It is always an intense discussion of which screen size is better for a tablet.  Although we have no preference, TabletConnect was curious what the community prefers.  There were three choice: 9 - 10.5"; 7"; and 5".  So who was the winner?

The winner was 9 - 10.5" which was not a surprise.  56% of the votes were for the larger size.  40% were for 7" size while 2% were for 5".  (Results do not add to 100% due to rounding.)  Each size has its advantages and disadvantages so its really a matter of personal preference.  Most manufacturers are introducing 9 - 10.5" tablets with some also offering a 7" tablet.  5" is too small for a tablet.  Dell introduced the 5" Streak last year but consumers were not convinced.  We will review tablets no matter what size they come in.

Stay tune for our next poll. 


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